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To make an instant online booking use the widget below. The booking will drop directly into our reservations diary and we’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details.

If you’d prefer to speak to someone in person, call us on 01225 482682.

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Reservation policy – please read

Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of customers that are failing to honour their booking or cancel an unwanted table in advance, we have been obliged to introduce a policy where reservations at peak times now need to be secured by a payment card. For reservations made on Friday evening, all day/evening Saturday and all day/evening Sunday, we required a pre-authourised debit or credit card to make the reservation. We reserve the right to charge this card £10 per head for any party that fails to arrive for their reservation or inform us in advance that the table is no longer required (up to 4 hours in advance).

We are taking this step reluctantly – we feel we have no other option. The small minority of people making bookings in restaurants and pubs, but failing to show up for them is far too prevalent and is damaging this industry. Food businesses run on fine margins and they/we simply can’t afford to have a table lying unused for a party that has no intention of coming in to dine on it. This is especially galling when other customers want it. We appreciate that some customers may find this policy unwelcome, but please direct your unhappiness to the selfish, uncaring minority who have brought us to this; not the operator who has been forced to do this.